George Foreman Accomplishments Meaning

He won his first amateur fight on January 26, 1967, by a first-round knockout in the Parks Diamond Belt Tournament.

He won the San Francisco Examiner's Golden Gloves Tournament in the Junior Division in February 1967. 

In February 1967, he knocked out Thomas Cook to win the Las Vegas Golden Gloves in the Senior Division. 

In February 1968, he knocked out L.C. Brown to win the San Francisco Examiner's Senior Title in San Francisco. 

In March 1968, he won the National Boxing Championships heavyweight title in Toledo, Ohio, vs. Henry Crump of Philadelphia in the final.

He sparred five rounds on two different occasions in July 1968 with former World Heavyweight Champion Sonny Liston

On September 21, 1968, he won his second decision over Otis Evans to make the U.S. boxing team for the Mexico City Olympic Games. 

Foreman had a 16–4 amateur boxing record going into the Olympics. He knocked out the Soviet Union's Jonas Čepulis to win the Olympic Games Heavyweight Gold Medal. 

His amateur record was 22–4 when he turned professional.